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100% of daily reference intakes for vitamins!

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.


100% immuno complex  – special set of ingredients supporting immunity

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice



Against fatigue!

Natural plant extracts: guarana, bacopa, yerba mate + caffeine + magnesium + vitamins.

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.


Helps in proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system.

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.


Comprehensive set of electrolytes!

Special formulas for children, seniors and active people.

Take care of proper hydration!


Proper child development!

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.


Strong heart, immunity, vitality!

No added sugar.

Do you want to be successful and be able to spend time with your family and friends. Would you like to improve your credentials, do your hobby but at the same time sleep well during the night and realize your aims without stress and feeling overwhelmed. A healthy diet is your goal but you do not have time to prepare the perfect menu. Sound familiar? Instead of assuming that you will not fulfil these duties, try to think how can you support your body in order to achieve your goals.

If you think that your diet might be enrich by a dietary supplement, reach for Plusssz Active 100% Energy Complex. The set of active ingredients will support functioning your body.

Among others the preparation contains caffeine, which helps to improve concentration and natural extracts:

  • Yerba mate – helps to reduce mental and physical fatigue
  • Bacopa monnieri – helps to improve concentration and memory
  • Guarana is recommended in order to reduce tiredness.

Thus, it is worth having Plusssz around in the house or workplace in order to ensure refreshment during a break. Plusssz ingredients are beneficial for the people who have white-collar job, driving long distances by a car or anyone who needs a burst of energy. With such support you can focus on achieving your goals and devote yourself to your favourite activities. However, do remember every day about balanced diet, which is the core source of the minerals and vitamins.