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Against fatigue!

Natural plant extracts: guarana, bacopa, yerba mate + caffeine + magnesium + vitamins.

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.

You want to be successful at work and at the same time have desire to spend a time with your relatives. You would like to improve qualifications, learn foreign languages, fulfil your passions, but at the same time sleep peacefully through the nights and implement resolutions without stress or feeling overwhelmed. You want to eat healthy, but you not always have a time for preparing healthy homemade meals. Sounds familiar? Instead of assuming in advance that this is unfeasible, you can think about how can you support the body in order to meet expectations.

If you are considering enriching your diet by supplement reach for Plusssz Active 100% Energy Complex. The set of active ingredients will support functioning of the body. For Plusssz Active 100% Energy Complex contains among others caffeine, which would boost your concentration and natural extracts:

  • yerba mate – helps to reduce the feeling of physical and mental fatigue,
  • small-leaved bacopa – helps to improve concentration and memory,
  • guarana – is recommended to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

It’s good to have Plusssz at hand, both at home and at work, to be able to provide yourself refreshment during the break. The properties of the ingredients contained in Plusssz can be used by people who work mentally, overcome long distances by car or for various other reasons need a boost of energy. With this help, you can focus on completing tasks and indulging in your favorite activities. However, on a daily basis, remember about a balanced diet, which is the basic source of vitamins and minerals.