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100% of daily reference intakes for vitamins!

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.

Even if you have a healthy diet, there are situations when the body needs support in the form of a dietary supplement. For example, when, because of the fast pace of life, you do not have time to prepare fresh, healthy meals. When you feel tired, when you’re studying or working you cannot focus on the task at hand, when your weaknesses are coffee, strong tea, cigarettes or alcohol. When at the turn of the seasons, we usually feel more lethargic, you want to help the body go through this difficult period. Thanks to the wide offer of Plusssz, you can choose a preparation that suits your individual needs.

For example Plusssz 100% Multivitamin Woman Complex contains not only the 10 most important vitamins, but also horsetail root extract, which supports hair, skin and nails, and zinc, which help with the proper functioning of the immune system.

For men  we offer Plusssz 100% Multivitamin Man Complex enriched with ginseng which increases  the body’s capacity for physical and mental effort, and Paraguayan holly supporting the body in moments of fatigue. If you are studying and have a hard exam session ahead of you or you often stay at work after hours, choose a multivitamin preparation with magnesium which contributes to  the reduction of fatigue and supports the nervous system. Always remember about a healthy diet and the right lifestyle, because they are the basis for maintaining your well-being. Tasty and refreshing dietary supplements Plusssz is the perfect complement. One tablet from our multivitamin series is enough to satisfy 100% of the daily reference intake values of the vitamins contained in it. No sugar added, with powdered fruit juice.