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100% immuno complex  – special set of ingredients supporting immunity

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice

The body’s immunity is its ability to efficiently cope with the health challenges that life poses every day. Every day you combine many roles and try to take care of your loved ones. As a result you sometimes forget about yourself. In a hurry and wanting to get everything done, it is difficult to remember about regular meals and hydration. You eat quickly, between meetings sometimes choosing ready-made meals. Your body is not indifferent to all these factors and, combined with stress they affect the functioning of the immune system. We know that the needs of people vary at different ages. From the Plusssz product range, you can choose the solution tailored to the needs of people of different ages – children, adults and seniors. Choosing the Plusssz line you will find products whose ingredients support the immunity of your whole family.

Plusssz Immunity 100% Complex is a dietary supplement created for all adults. The ingredients help protect your body thanks to the content of zinc, selenium, vitamin D3, vitamin C, B12. In addition, the preparation contains ingredients of natural origin – elderberry extract and rutin. If you are an elderly person, or are looking for a suitable preparation for your close seniors, choose the dietary supplement Plusssz Immunity Senior 100% Complex. It contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also ingredients of natural origin – rose-hip extract and rutin. Plusssz Immunity Senior 100% Complex is distinguished by its high content of vitamin D – so important for the elderly. Children are a group whose immunity we want to take special care of. Plusssz Junior Immunity Complex, contains zinc, vitamin C, which boosts the immunity of the youngest, as well as rutin. The preparation can be used in children from 3, and thanks to the raspberry-strawberry taste, children are happy to take it.

One tablet a day is enough.