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Proper child development!

No added sugar, contains powdered fruit juice.

It is hard to deny that trying to keep up with your children is challenging. Not long ago we could call them toddlers, but now they ask difficult questions, ride on the bikes, write, read and think about their destiny. Nevertheless, on every step they need nutritional support. Thus, a suitable diet based on fresh, healthy products, and adequate hydration are crucial. It is better to learn to consume healthy food from an early age. It might be fruitful to enrich diet by adding a dietary supplement like Plusssz Junior Electrolytes Complex designed for children over 3. The product contains electrolytes and set of group B vitamins.

When it is worth enriching a child’s diet with electrolyte supplements? When you Child is losing valuable minerals through sweat, for instance during heat waves, travelling or physical activities. What is more, it is beneficial to support children who are learning intensively and are open to exploring the world and trying new things. We all know that our kids are picky sometimes and they are not eager to eat salads, oatmeal and other valuable ingredients. That is why parents should take care to provide everything which is necessary to their children. In this case Plusssz will be an interesting addition to a healthy diet. Effervescent tablets simplify the preparation of a tasty, bracing orange flavour beverage, which provides electrolytes and group B vitamins. It is worth taking Plusssz with you especially when travelling and studying in order to support your child’s body. Do you ,as a parent, need to boost your hydration level? No problem our preparation for kids can be used by adults too.