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Strong heart, immunity, vitality!

No added sugar.

Regardless of your age or your sex, it is worth taking care of the body’s hydration.

However, with the passing years varied support of vitamins and minerals for the body is becoming crucial for a proper functioning of cardiovascular and digestive system, strong immunity and likewise constant vitality. If you are willing to learn a new things, travel, sport and having active social life,  the age is not an obstacle for you. How can you support yourself? Sometimes it is worth enriching your diet by adding a dietary supplement. However, in order to its proper functioning it should be suited to your demands. Plusssz Gold Vital Tonik is our suggestion for people over 50. A special liquid preparation containing natural plant extracts: hawthorn, rose-hip, lemon balm, rosemary and 6 group B vitamins. All you need to do is to dissolve a tablespoon of preparation in the water, tea, juice or other liquid in order to provide vital substances to your body.  Plusssz Gold Vital Tonic does not contain sugar. You should bear in mind that the preparation is an addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. In order to maintain youthful vitality you should take care of yourself comprehensively.