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NO added SUGAR

Do you want to meet the daily demand for vitamins but you keep forgetting to take your supplement? It won’t slip your mind any longer because of Plusssz exceptional and refreshing taste, which will encourage you to remember about daily supplementation. What is more, Plusssz does not contain sugar. Plusssz advantage is the content of powdered fruit juice, which is a part of every product formulation.

Why do we take care about Plusssz taste? We want to provide a moment of joy. Furthermore, you are aware how important is the proper hydration for the body. Although not everyone is keen to drink water, but Plusssz would enrich its taste and turn it into vitamin bomb. In that way you may provide vital nutrients and water to your body. You can drink it at home, work, university or during a hiking.

The tase was selected by our best specialists and verified by multistep sensory panels. We do it all to provide unique quality.

Plusssz 100% Multivitamin + Ginseng  has it –  an intriguing forest fruits taste. Plusssz Woman Complex blends the orange and raspberry taste whereas, Plusssz Man blends the orange and blackberry taste. Ananas-mango taste would be discovered by You in Plusssz Electrolytes and Plusssz Multivitamin + Potassium will give You an interesting raspberry-blackberry connection. Which taste would you choose today?

Unique taste